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Grounding 🌎 Healing 🌎 Expanding 🌎 As a Community

What do you get as a Playing with Spirit Member: *

🌺 Playing with Spirit ~ Open Q&A Spiritual Integrations Sessions
~ Facilitated by Daniel ~ Every Thursday at 1pm (13:00) Eastern USA (1.5-2.0+ hrs)
{Additional sessions added for other timezones as needed by members}

🌼 Conversations with Spirit (with and about Channeling)
~ Facilitated by Daniel ~ First Sunday of the Month at 11am Eastern USA (1.5-2.0 hrs)
{Additional session at 8pm Eastern will be added if needed to accommodate Asia/AUS/NZL}

🌸 Spiritual Discovery and Exploration Sessions **
~ Guest Speakers from within and outside of the community (60-90 mins)

🍀 Healings, Guided Meditations and Spirit Journeys **
~ Facilitated by Daniel and other speakers from within and outside of the community (60-90 mins)

🌷 Additional Content, Special Celebrations and Other Sessions Based on Member Requests **

     * Sessions are recorded and made available via our private community page.
   ** The frequency of these sessions will increase over time to at least once per month and hopefully more.

Grounding 🌎 Healing 🌎 Expanding 🌎 As a Community

"As individuals, we are powerful beyond measure, and yet the reach, magnitude and strength of our energy is amplified when we act together as a group; our impact touches and extends across this amazing Universe and even beyond the edges of space and time."

~ Daniel Martinez Stahl